LeadNow! Introduces The Big Life Course

LN! Co-Founder Nigel Linacre brings you The Big Life Course. The Big Life Course is the easiest and most enjoyable way to develop yourself safely. It will help you be calm, develop better relationships and make more of a difference. 

Everything is online, centred on collaborative 90-minute weekly zoom workshops. The course is easy to book, attend and participate. There are no travel costs, and it’s secure. 

The Big Life Course is unique. You will find your own answers to how you want to be, connect and make a difference. While there is some theory, the learning is experiential, and you can practice between sessions. You will learn from other participants too.

You’ll become more aware of yourself, of what is going on for you, of what is important to you and why. You’ll be able to change how you’re feeling in minutes. You’ll discover what is going on in professional and social relationships, and how to build them. You’ll learn what holds you back and moves you forward. You’ll develop your purpose. 

In the first month, you’ll work on developing yourself, in the second on building relationships, and in the third on how you make a difference. Four sessions for each. There’s no preparation. Just bring an open mind and a willingness to explore. 
You can be calmer and more confident, enjoy better relationships, and contribute more to life.


The Big Life Course is your ticket to making more of your life. 

Three Pillars of The Big Life Course

How to Be Yourself 

How to Be Yourself is the first part of The Big Life Course. In four weekly zooms, you will become more aware of what is going on for you and what you can do about it. 


You’ll be able to notice your thoughts and feelings, and discover you can change them. You’ll realise you can accept yourself just the way you are, and develop yourself too.
It’s fun. You’ll do things like following your breathing, watching your thoughts and tuning into your feelings, all on zoom, from wherever you are. 

We’ll work in one large group and in smaller break-outs where you explore your thoughts and feelings. You can be as open or otherwise as you want to be. You’ll discover you are not alone. We all have hopes and fears and we all struggle sometimes. 

You’ll clarify what is important to you and how can live it more fully. You’ll discover the main person who has been holding you back has been you. You’ll accept that what we call successes and failures happen, and how we can bounce back. 

There are four 90-minute weekly zoom workshops in How to Be Yourself, and no travel. We won’t tell you how to be you, you will find out for yourself.


It’s your Big Life. 

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