In November 2013, 192 students of Mount Kenya University shared an amazing experience on the 3-day Leadnow! programme. We asked participants "What will you do differently as a result of the programme?" They answered:



"I will live my values"


"I will believe in myself more and play the role I have to in society, as the leader that I am"


"I will change for the better for my society and my nation"


"To be a leader to myself and others. To think positively and stop complaining because I am strong, powerful and firm"


"I will be more relaxed"


"I will interract with my friends better, and get more connected with them"


"View things from difference perspectives and listen to others opinons"


"I will be more courageous, empathetic, and in control of my feelings"


"I will change how I start my day, I will choose to always be in the moment"


"I will put the goals I have set into action"


"Improve my conflict handling"


"Change my time management - spend more time on activites I can control and influence"


"Improve self actualisation and acceptance of others."