We've analysed the 20,000 words, that 2,000+ students, from 25 institutions have written about their LeadNow! experience; and summarised the 45,000 pieces of empirical data.

Since founding in 2013 LeadNow! has been collecting impact data on every single one of its events. You can be confident that you're investing in a programme that delivers results.

Inspirational Events Proven to Grow Emotional Wellbeing

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend LeadNow! to your friends? (n=668)

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Difference in participant self-rating pre to post event. 

An Immediate Shift

A group of Manchester University students reported feeling 27% more confident by the end of their one day LeadNow programme, than beforehand. And, 20% more able to manage stress levels. And, 34% more resilient to setbacks. And 34% more ready to get the graduate job they want. 

Here's the aggregated data from multiple events (n=572): 

Lasting Impact

One year later, students report self-confidence... 


...higher than before their LeadNow! Programme (n=16)