How much does LeadNow! cost?


Standard fees are £50 per delegate per day (ex VAT & reasonable travel costs for minimum of 35 partipants), which is a fraction of the cost to corporate clients. Our primary objective is to make leadership development accessible to all, so we're open to conversations about the structure of the costs which could include discounts.


Who pays for it?


We're happy to listen to your ideas about the best way to make this work for you. In some situations the students pay; in others it is funded by the careers service, business school, or university; for others grant funding from organisations like the national lottery is available. Or, the solution is a blended one, mixing elements of the above.


How long have you been running these courses?


We have delivered this material for five years, in four continents, for hundreds of corporate leaders from the likes of eBay and Honeywell. More than 1000 students have experienced the LeadNow! programme across 3 countries since we founded in 2013.


What is your maximum number of participants?


We have evidence that our programme is as effective with 100 participants as with 15. What's your room size? We can work with very large numbers.


You market yourself as a social enterprise, what does this mean?


Our mission is to make the leadership of self and others accessible to the widest possible audience. We reinvest at least 50% of our profits in making our courses available to those who cannot afford to pay through discounted programmes in Europe and the developing world.


What are the details of the content of the LeadNow! course?

All our work begins with the fundamentals of how to lead oneself (purpose, values, handling fear, time management), before shifting into building relationships with others (transactional analysis, emotional intelligence, handing conflict), and finishing with leading teams (team dynmics, psychology of individuals in groups, attributes of high performing teams). For a detailed programme click here.


Can you split the days so that they are run on say three consecutive Fridays?

It is important that attendees build momentum, rapport, and trust. Strengthening interpersonal relationships enable deeper shifts in understanding and the consistent build-up of tools and experiences enhances the effectiveness and value of the programme. Consecutive days work perfectly, split days within 1 week of another with the same group of participants can work equally as well.


How do you measure the impact of your programmes?

We ask the same set of questions to each participant before the programme, at the end, and then one month later. They are designed to track the shift in an individuals ability to lead. We provide reports to every institution at the end of each programme - here is the aggregrated report for all leadnow events.


Do you have feedback from previous participants?

We collect feedback from every participant. You can get a flavour of thier responses on the testimonial page. And we like to be completely transparent, so if you would like to see all the raw feedback we've collected from over 1000 individuals just mail your request to


Which students in particular is LeadNow! suitable for?

We believe everyone benefits from developing their ability to lead themselves, to enhance their awareness of self, others and the world in which they operate, and their capacity to connect authentically with others. Each institution has a specific demographic that they'd like to help and this ranges from: 1st year students at risk of dropping out; preparing final year students for the world of work; supporting enterprise societies; or boosting employabilty rates.