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The LeadNow! Effect

LeadNow! has changed my life

I have never seen our students so engaged and enthused

I'm going to begin attending my lectures!

Every one of our students grew in confidence and self belief

Now I feel ready to graduate and move on

Students self-confidence 32% higher 1 year later


What's on your students mind?

LeadNow’s popular events help students prepare themselves for their future. Founded on self-leadership, they address the key questions occupying their minds (and yours!)

It doesn't feel like home... yet!

Could I be more confident?

Why will they buy me?

Am I an imposter?

What comes after Graduation?

Will I achieve my academic potential?

Could my group project go better?

How will I lead my group project?

Am I a leader?

Variously described as fun, lively, warm, encouraging, friendly, inspirational, enlightening, humorous, engaging, deep....'the best 2-days of my life!'

LeadNow! events are built on participation, and our facilitators are incredibly skilled at creating a safe, trusting atmosphere where participants feel comfortable

genuinely being themselves.

We believe in peer to peer learning where comfort zones are appropriately explored, and ingrained behaviours gently nudged.

You may be seeking to help your students answer one or more of their core questions. 

We'll design your event to pull in the programme elements that work for the needs of your cohort.

Programme Design

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How long are events?

Typical events are 1 or 2 days (running 9am to 5pm), and we're able to tailor the duration to the window you have available - even offering keynote sessions of a couple of hours.

How much does an event cost?

Standard fees are £100 per student for 2-day events, £75 for 1-day events (plus VAT & reasonable travel expenses). Our mission is to shift lives of young people, so we're open to conversations about the structure of the costs which could include discounts.

When do events run?

We work any day of the week, any week of the year - events run when it's right in the annual cycle for the students, and on the day when significant numbers are able to attend 

What size of group do you work with?

Events work best with class sizes of between 35 and 50 participants

What kind of space do we need to provide?

A single room with chairs that are easily moved, no tables, and a flip-chart - that's it

How do we ensure we fill the spaces?

We provide a 'best practice' promotional pack, and work with you on your messaging and communication plans. We can choose various tactics to reduce no-shows which could include shooting a welcome video for applicants, and personally calling every students. We like to work with full rooms - so we also encourage over-booking to cater for drop-outs.

I'm interested - what's the next step?

Drop Todd an email and he will fix a date to talk about your specific goals

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